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In Japanese, the word “crony” means “a friend that you can drink tea with forever.”
A crony is someone who puts you at ease,
with whom you can be your truest self and have relaxed conversations with.
We would like our guests to have this feeling of closeness
– to become part of our circle of friends –
with our staff, our producers, and all the people who support us every day.


Tasting menu
6pm – 8pm (last order)

From 6pm – 8pm,
we offer a chef’s selection omakase tasting menu prepared with the best seasonal ingredients.
Please note that reservations are required.

Omakase Tasting Menu
Tax and a service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.
Wine Pairing (7 glass)
wine list

Wine Bar
Available from 9:30pm
à la carte menu



Michihiro Haruta


Born in Oita Prefecture, Michihiro Haruta trained in France and has worked at some of the world’s top restaurants – including Ledoyen in Paris (***), Quintessence in Tokyo (***), Kadeau in Copenhagen (**), Maeemo in Oslo (***) and Saison in San Francisco (***).

His approach to cooking is filtered through the twin lenses of his various experiences abroad and a sensibility deeply rooted in Japanese culture. He combines classical and modern techniques to make original dishes that focus on Japan’s seasonal ingredients.

At Crony, he aims to create a dining experience that feels like visiting the home of a friend, rather than a formal restaurant. His goal as a chef is to bring moments of happiness to his guests every day.

Kazutaka Ozawa


The former general manager of three-Michelin-starred Quintessence, Kazutaka Ozawa draws upon his experience working in fine-dining establishments and as a wine importer and producer to select the perfect bottle for each guest.

In creating beverage pairings, he considers not only the flavors and aromas of the food, but also the story behind the dishes, evoking scenes of the landscape and local history that take diners on a culinary journey.


〒106-0044 1-20-3, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



18:00 – 26:00
Tasting menu: 6pm – 8pm (last order) Reservation required


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