In Japanese,
the word “crony” refers to a lifelong friend
– someone you can confide in and never tire of spending time with.

In addition to the members of our team that we work with daily,
our circle of friendship wouldn’t be complete without our producers and purveyors,
as well as the guests who lend us valuable support.

We hope that the power of this little circle will help to ensure
that people can enjoy spending time in harmony with this beautiful planet for years to come.

Who we are


Due to the recent soaring prices of raw materials, and the increase in expenses, we have decided to raise the price of the dinner course from June 1st (Thursday).

Omakase tasting menu:
¥19,800 (Tax included. A service charge of 10% will be added.)
¥22,000 (From June 1st, 2023)

Alcohol Pairing (7 glass) ¥13,200〜
We charge ¥700 per person for mineral water.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will do our best to provide you with dishes and services that you can enjoy more than ever.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we would like to ask for your understanding.

Kazutaka Ozawa
Michihiro Haruta