In Japanese,
the word “crony” refers to a lifelong friend
– someone you can confide in and never tire of spending time with.

In addition to the members of our team that we work with daily,
our circle of friendship wouldn’t be complete without our producers and purveyors,
as well as the guests who lend us valuable support.

We hope that the power of this little circle will help to ensure
that people can enjoy spending time in harmony with this beautiful planet for years to come.


Sustainability 01

Renewable Energy (Salt)

From ancient times, most of the salt produced in Japan has been made by using fire to evaporate sea water – a method that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

At Crony, we use Tosa no Shiomaru salt, which is naturally harvested without fire using only sunlight, the ocean breeze, and time. As a result, the minerals remain intact, and the salt is environmentally friendly.

Sustainability 02

Preserving Mountain Resources (Honey)

Honeybees carry pollen on their legs from flower to flower, helping plants reproduce.

Those plants bear fruit and produce seeds, giving rise to the next generation of plants. Without bees, the diversity and availability of fresh produce would decline sharply.

Using products such as honey will not only support bees and beekeepers but will also protect the cycle of life.

Sustainability 03

Marine Conservation

Due to overfishing and climate change, our once-plentiful seas are being gradually depleted. Seafood populations today are roughly half of what they were in the 1970s.

If we continue to harvest fish in the same way, without addressing these problems, we will lose more species to extinction.

In order to preserve our valuable marine resources, at Crony we avoid using vulnerable species and baby fish, while using sustainably farmed seafood whenever possible.

Sustainability 04

Reducing Food Miles

Japan is blessed with abundant nature and a wealth of ingredients from the mountains, sea, and rivers.

By using these excellent local products, we can support our farmers and fishers and minimize our carbon footprint.

Sustainability 05

Reducing Food Waste (Tasting Menu Only)

Being able to choose what you want to eat from the menu is undoubtedly one of the pleasures of dining out. However, when certain dishes aren’t ordered, ingredients purchased in advance to create a la carte menus quickly lose their freshness and may be discarded.

By confirming allergies and dislikes at the time of booking and taking into account the number of customers and their preferences, we can offer dishes showcasing ingredients at their peak while reducing food waste.